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Other Services

We offer doorstep pet grooming services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Noida (which, by the way, you can customise according to your pet’s needs!), whether it’s a pet bath or a pet haircut, a tick bath or a dental floss, Massage or a pawdicure all in the comfort of your home. We expertise in all pets. And, are excellent with troublesome, bath-hating pets.


Our pet groomers also analyse and detect any infections on the pet’s body and accordingly suggest medicated, anti-fungal bath, anti tick bath or a normal bath. The products used are absolutely natural, mild and protect the coat from any dryness.


Pet home grooming has its own benefits and it mostly keeps the pet stress-free. Apart from that, it’s convenient for the pet owner, no car sickness or anxiety for the pets, and a personalised experience between the pet groomers and the pet from start to finish.

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