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How can we help you?


Petpipers offers doorstep services for your pet. We major in

  1. Pet Grooming
  2. Pet Walking
  3. Pet Training
  4. Pet Boarding
  5. Pet Adoption

With Petpipers grooming services, you never need to leave the house!  We come to you!  We send over our groomers to your home providing you and your pet a convenient, stress-free grooming experience. All we need is a space at your home, could be a terrace, balcony, bathroom etc, and it is our promise to clean the space provided by you after the grooming session is over. Our groomer’s bag is equipped with all the tools required to groom your special dog.

There are many benefits associated with home grooming, including:


Stress-less environment – No longer worry about your pet’s separation anxiety; your pet stays at home.


Standing appointments encouraged – Your pet will be well groomed on a regular basis.


One-on-one personal service for you and your pet – Get the personal attention you and your pet deserve.


One to two hour service at your home – You do not have to waste your day with 2-4 trips to the salon.


No cage drying!  Your pet receives a healthy experience with a premium on their safety.


No more travel challenges with elderly or disabled pets.


Hand scissoring and groomed to breed standards – Quality is our priority not quantity.


Eliminates exposure to other animals – Your pet will remain in good health in a low stress environment.


Eliminates car transportation – Don’t worry about car sickness or travel time.


AM and PM appointments at your home – Service is accommodating to your schedule.


We play – Last but not the least, our groomers play with your pets too!! All our packages/services include playtime with your pet!


Petpipers offers three simple choices for setting up an appointment:


Call/Whatsapp our scheduling coordinator @ +919667814040 and she will answer your questions and get you set up with an appointment.


If you are a new client the fastest way to get an appointment is to create an account on our website, after creating an account you will be able to place a grooming request for your pet. You can simply open the Grooming Page on our website and follow the below steps:


  1. Select type of pet
  2. Select his breed
  3. Then select a package or the required service and add to cart
  4. Enter your address and select a date and time from the available slots.
  5. Checkout and pay


If you are not sure which package to go for, you can simply book an appointment through “Book Appointment ”, our scheduling coordinator will get in touch with you in 48 hours, and set up an appointment for you. Please note that filling up this form, does not confirm your appointment.


You can book Pet Walking services by simply filling up the form on our “Pet Walking” page. Once you submit the form, our customer representative will call you within 48 hours and align a walker for your pooch.

Petpipers pairs your furry family member with an experienced and vetted dog walker in your neighborhood. All background checked and insured.

You can book Pet Training services by simply filling up the form on our “Pet Training” page. Once you submit the form, our customer representative will call you within 48 hours and align a boarder for your pooch.

You can book Pet Boarding services by simply filling up the form on our “Pet boarding” page. Once you submit the form, our customer representative will call you within 48 hours and align a trainer for your pooch.

Petpipers pairs your furry family member with an experienced dog boarder in your neighborhood. Your highly-rated boarder will take care of your pup at their home, for the day, or night (or month). Every booking includes unlimited playtime, potty breaks, and the entire day and night can be followed through video and photo updates. Many boarders are lifelong dog owners and every boarder is thoroughly background checked and insured.

We accepts cash, debit/credit cards, net banking and wallets as payment for grooming services.


Please check our “Payment modes” page for more details.

We work hard to make Petpipers doorstep services the most convenient, customized, and stress-free experience for you and your pooch. Scheduled appointments are reserved specifically for you. Last-minute cancellations make it very difficult for us to provide that preferential service for every customer, so we require a 24-hour cancellation notice.  If your appointment is not cancelled within this notification period, your appointment is considered confirmed. We do make exceptions for unforeseen emergencies and pet illnesses. Outside of those parameters, there is a INR 200 cancellation fee per dog added to the next appointment for appointments cancelled without a 24-hour notice. After two appointments cancelled without a 24 hour cancellation notice, a credit/debit non-refundable pre-payment will be required to reserve an appointment.

Just like any doorstep service (electricians, plumbers etc.) we need to schedule an appointment in advance. In general if you want a certain day and a certain time, you will definitely need to book well in advance. It is also an advantage to book on a regular basis as then you do not risk missing out on the time and day you want.

Yes!  Puppies usually require only a bath and brush until they grow into their full coat of hair. We also have a “Puppy Orientation Program”. Our puppy grooming orientation program will properly socialize your puppy to the entire grooming experience in a safe, positive and enjoyable manner. We take great pride in this program and it is our goal to provide a positive foundation for a lifetime of stress and worry free grooming.We have learned through scientific research that puppies go through a critical socialization period from approximately 3-4 months old. During this developmental stage your puppy is learning to process new experiences and can make either positive or negative associations based on these experiences. During this critical stage of your puppy’s development it is very important that your puppy is exposed to grooming and handling in a safe and positive manner. This will help prevent your puppy from growing up to be fearful or stressed during the grooming process.
The puppy grooming orientation program consists of four grooming sessions, one per week for four consecutive weeks. Each session will build on the session before, exposing your puppy to something new each week. Session four will be a complete, breed specific grooming session with a cut or trim to your liking. During each weekly session toys, love and cuddles will be freely given.


Also we do not suggest grooming for puppies below 3 months.


If your dog is rare mix of two breeds or is a rare breed, it is a possibility that it’s not mentioned in our list of breeds. You needn’t worry. In such a case, what would make the most sense, is that you book an appointment with us on Call/Whatsapp @+919667814040 or by filling up the “Appointment Form”

We will charge for your pet’s service in accordance and then also add your dog’s breed on our website so you wouldn’t be troubled again.

We do not groom dog’s that are overly aggressive.  Safety is our top concern and strive to provide a convenient, high quality grooming experience for friendly dog’s of all breeds.  That being said, we have experienced many dogs who were told they were banned from other groom shops or that they needed to be sedated to be groomed.  What we have found is that in most instances, the absence of other dogs and very less stress environment (your own place) allows your dog to be groomed successfully. Please communicate your dog’s past experience and your concerns and we can discuss approaches that may result in a successful grooming experience.


No. Sedated animals can experience adverse reactions to the sedation, exhibit unpredictable behaviour while sedated, and ultimately pose a risk to their own safety as well as that of the groomer. In our experience, a veterinarian supervised sedated groom is the safest option for a pet that requires sedation for grooming because they are best equipped to handle any sedation complications.


On an average, dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits require more attention than cats since cats pretty much take care of their grooming requirements. Dogs, on an average, need grooming every 2-3 weeks.


In most cases, it also depends on your dogs coat. For example, if your dog is single coated and has fine hair, itd be classified as a low maintenance dog. But, look out for any fungal or U.T.I. (Urinary Tract Infection) infections. They do require bathing every 3 weeks; however, sanitary clipping is a necessity. The breeds that easily fall under this category would be The Indie, Dalmatians, Boxers, Dachshundsetc.

If your dog is double coated and furrier than other dogs, gets his fur tangled often, then you are required to pay more attention towards their grooming – getting them trimmed from time to time is suggested in case of Shih Tzus, Labradoodles, Maltese, Maltipoos, Golden Retrieversetc. In case of serious knotting of the fur, our De-matting is recommended. Every matt is carefully handled and only then is the dog given a bath. However, if we observe that the dog is extremely uncomfortable or is in pain while getting its De-matting done, we won’t proceed and would recommend trimming. Double coated dogs require grooming every 2-3 weeks.


For dogs like Pugs, English Bulldogs, English Mastiffs, French Bulldogs, who have very distinctive folds of skin or wrinkles on their faces, require a lot of care. The wrinkles need to be cleaned very regularly to avoid infections and any foul odor. It is recommended that they get groomed every 1-2 weeks to maintain good hygiene.


Rabbits are fastidious groomers. They insist on being clean and tidy and will lick themselves like cats, and like cats, they can get hairballs if they ingest too much hair. Unlike cats however, rabbits cannot vomit. Brushing them every three days is recommended, and brushing them regularly is a necessity when they shed (once in every three months). The bottom side gets knots if excess urine or droppings are stuck in the hair. It is suggested you get your rabbit’s sanitary clipping done so as to avoid the pain it might have to go through once the hair on the bottom side is knotted. The requirement for nail clipping depends on the growth of its nails.


Cats will only get groomed if they are social enough to let the groomer touch them. Cats like calicos and tabbies are very low maintenance hence they require grooming once every 4-6 months. But, for Persian, Norwegian and Siberian cats, brushing once a week is recommended due to the abundance of fur on their skin. And, grooming will only take place as per the cat’s commands. They can either sit happily through their grooming session or just smack the groomer and walk off. There’s no in-between. If you have recently become a parent to a kitten or a cat, make sure you get her comfortable with your touch. If it likes getting massaged, brushed, and, in some cases, even touched, they might just like professional grooming as well.



Grooming is essential for pets since it keeps them clean and keeps our environment at home hygienic. However, we require their vaccination card for our groomers sake. Failure to vaccinate your dog for a long time puts both people and animals at risk. As a cautionary measure against the spread of diseases and aggressiveness, we would require you to show us your pets vaccination card prior to getting it groomed.



Shedding without it being the season is a bad sign amongst pets. You can take our De-Shedding treatment as it’s been very helpful in reducing shedding by 70% in most cases. The groomer comes over, brushes the pet for a good 25-30 minutes with a de-shedding tool to get rid of all the loose hair, gives it a gentle bath, dries it, brushes it again. If it’s a double coated dog like a Golden Retriever, German Shepherd or a Husky, we would recommend getting him/her trimmed by half an inch or an inch after the de-shedding treatment so as to keep your environment neat and tidy.

If your dog seems to be shedding excessively, or is losing hair in patches, he may be suffering from a health problem. Skin infections and allergies can cause excessive shedding in dogs. Take him to your veterinarian for a check up.


Also, since your pet sheds a lot, it’s a sign that there’s something missing in his/her diet. It could be a deficiency of protein, various minerals, anti-oxidants & vitamins. You could fix that by feeding your pet- raw meat, raw fish, egg whites and boiled vegetables. Most of the pet parents commit the mistake of feeding their dogs, milk everyday. Dairy isn’t good for the dogs as most of them are lactose intolerant; cats love dairy products and could do with milk, curd, etc. Should you want to feed your dog any dairy products, let those be curd and butter milk but not plain milk.



Take our Tick and Flea Relief Treatment. Ticks need to be lured out to be removed easily hence, we use tick relief shampoo and let it stay on the dog’s coat for a good 15 minutes. During that time, we find and remove ticks by hands. The other ticks are also then lured out, handpicked and separated from the dog’s fur. The eggs that the ticks lay deep in the unreachable areas on the dog’s fur, do not get completely washed off because of their strong grip. Hence, it is recommended that the dog is given a tick bath till the time it’s necessary. In some cases, two tick baths help the dog tremendously. In others, 3-4 baths do. It depends on the amount of ticks on the dog’s skin as well as the amount of fur it has. The Tick and Flea Relief Treatment really helps to reduce the ticks and the dog is much more relieved than it would have been, prior to getting groomed.



Giving your pet a bath twice a week or more – yes, it harms the pet’s coat, makes it more prone to fungal and yeast infections. However, giving them a bath once in two weeks or so maintains their coat and keeps them hygienic and healthy. We always recommend using products with natural ingredients and zero chemicals until a medicated or a tick bath is necessary.



This generally happens when the pet isn’t brushed regularly. Not to worry, maybe you’ll be a little more careful with that in the future. But, for now, if your pet is severely matted, we would offer to shave down the coat using our longest length blade that will penetrate the mats.  If this is not acceptable to you, we will try to comb out the mats with particular attention to the stomach, underarms, the sanitary area, the chest area and behind the ears but if it’s too painful for the dog/cat, we will not continue. We, in no way, want the pet’s grooming experience to be sad. Here’s something to remember: it is more humane to cut down the coat and start all over again than to de-mat a heavily matted coat. You should also brush your dog, if not everyday, at least once every two days, to make it a little easier for your pet.



No, that is a procedure that should be done by a vet! If not done correctly it can be a serious problem.

We can help. As groomers, we are used to handling reluctant dogs that don’t want to be bathed or groomed. We use lots of pampering, play with them a little, make them feel comfortable and use a muzzle for their snout, if required. We’d only need a bit of cooperation from your side. If your dog is hyper around you, we’d have to ask you to step away but if the dog is calmer around you, we’d like to have you around so the grooming process is easier for your dog. Safe to say, your dog will dislike us as much as he dislikes the bath but will feel extremely refreshed and happy after it gets groomed.